Scott MaiborTo the left is our agency's mascot the "Financial Sherpa".  A Sherpa is a guide who will safely lead you up the mountain of your finances BUT also safely lead you down when you retire!

If you were interviewing sherpas for a big climb, would you hire the one with the 100% return record or the one who always makes it to the highest peak???


I started in the Insurance Industry in 2006 and immediately saw the impact that Disability and Life Insurance could have on a family when tragedy strikes.

Five years later, I Voluntary Benefits of New England was founded on the belief that no single carrier can always be the best fit in every situation.

Finally, as I broadened my knowledge base, I have come to appreciate how the living benefits within a policy can have a huge impact on all aspects of the life cycle including; buying   a first home, paying for college, retirement, etc.




It is my belief that far too much emphasis is placed on how big your financial mountain can get (by focusing exclusively on growth and rates) and not near enough attention is paid by most people on how to get back down. 

Our Sherpa metaphor for your own personal journey through life with the top of the mountain being when you switch from being a worker to a retiree.  Without a plan to get safely down it doesn't matter how much you have...if it is at risk due to illness, market fluctuations...taxes!  

78% of fatalities on Everest happen during the descent!!!  Don't let your retirement be one of these!!!

I started this agency with the belief that independence and "thinking outside of the box" are good things for our clients.

Insurance is a unique financial instrument that can do many things to help you and your family.  It is my pleasure to be able to assist so many clients on their individual finncial journeys up the mountain!


Scott Maibor, CFEI

Scott R. Maibor, CFEI