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We will work with you and customize a plan to protect you and your assets. We provide all lines of insurance to our customers, including Health & Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities, and more. So whether you are in need of health or life insurance, or are looking to set up a college fund or retirement plan, we can help you with these and more! No matter what type of insurance you need, our specialists will provide you with a customized plan. Our extensive knowledge and expertise will help you sleep better at night

Product Definitions:

Medicare Supplements:

Medicare Supplements are also know as Medigap Policies because they fill in some of the gaps in Original Medicare Parts A & B.

Medicare Advantage:

Private insurance that replaces Original Medicare sometimes includes a prescription drug plan, also known as Part C.

Prescription Drug Plans:

Private insurance to work along with Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Policies or as Stand Alone Policies with Original Medicare, also known as Part D.

Individual and Group Health:

Personal insurance through either Individual or Group Carriers.

On and Off Exchange Plans:


Exchanges can be either off or on, On exchange are available for Tax credits for premium assistance, off exchange tax credits are not available.

Hospital Indemnity(cash):


These types of plans help fill the gaps individual and group plans have in the form of Copays and Deductibles.



Permanent- Coverage is for your entire life up to 120 years.
Term- Coverage is only for a certain period or "term" Can be any where from 5-30 years.



Provides a consistent income stream for certain period of time depending on length of Annuity.





Coverage for Short or Long Disability pays you while you cannot work for a specified period of time.

Long Term Care:


Coverage for people who cannot do specified activities of daily living, for example, Bathing, Continence, Dressing, Eating, Transferring, Toileting.

Cancer Plans:


Pays you a Lump Sum if you get diagnosed with Cancer.

Dental and Vision:


Preventative Care and Major Care available for dentures and Lasik.

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