Below you can view simple video tutorials, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the written instructions.

How to Create Your Account

How to Create Your Website

How to Customize Your Website

How to Add Articles To Your Website

How to Add "Sell While You Sleep" Buttons To Your Website

How to Use Your Own Domain Name for Your InsProfessional Website

Your default website address will be insprofessional.com/username. For example, if you choosethe username bob, your website address will be www.insprofessional.com/bob. If you prefer, you can register your own domain name, and we will set it up for you so it points to your InsProfessional website. For example, instead of www.insprofessional.com/bob, you could use bobinsurance.com and have it point to your website here. This will allow you to advertise an easier name, such as bobinsurance.com, instead of www.insprofessional.com/bob.

Here's what you need to do: Register your domain name with any registrar such as Godaddy.com. (You will be able to search for your desired name and see if it's available) Once you have the domain, follow the instructions below to create your website, and then contact our tech support at inspro@wattmedia.com and we'll set the domain to forward to your website for you. If you prefer to have us register the name for you, we can do it for $35/year.


Instructions for Your Website

Please note: Any links mentioned below which include "inspro" would need to be replaced with your actual username. For example, if it says http://www.insprofessional.com/inspro, and your username is "bob" - the link would need be http://www.insprofessional.com/bob.

We recommend that you print these instructions so that you can come back to them any time. Need tech support? Email us at inspro@wattmedia.com for free email support.

To create your website, log into insprofessional.com using the username and password you entered when signing up. Then, click the "Go To Your Site" button on the right and click "Save." This will create your website.

Once you have created your website by clicking the "Go To Your Site" button and clicking "Save", your URL will be: http://www.insprofessional.com/inspro. (instead of the "inspro" at the end, your actual username will be at the end) This is the website address you can give your clients and friends to view your website.

(in the link above, replace "inspro" with your actual username)

Please note: Your passcode for the main insprofessional.com site and your agent site are two separate passcodes. If you change one, it will not automatically change the other. To change your passcode on the main insprofessional.com site, simply go to the Signup page and click on "Request a new passcode."

To change the passcode on your agent site, click on "Request a new passcode" or, if currently logged in, click on "My Account" on the right and then Edit on the Home page.

Your website has generic information by default. You may edit your site any time by going to http://www.insprofessional.com/inspro/user/ (replace "inspro" with your username) or by clicking "My Account", then clicking the "Edit" tab at the top of the account page.

(in the link above, replace "inspro" with your username)

The first thing you should do is choose your theme. The theme is the main look and layout of your website.

Need tech support? Email us at inspro@wattmedia.com for free email support.

Step 1: Changing your theme.

  1. Go to: http://www.insprofessional.com/inspro/user/ (replace "inspro" with your username), then click the "Edit" tab.
  2. Select your theme

(in the link above, replace "inspro" with your username)

Optional: If you want, you may also change your password or e-mail address.

Next, change the title of your site - this will show up on your site's banner.

Step 2: Edit your site's Title.

  1. At: http://www.insprofessional.com/inspro/user/ (replace "inspro" with your username), then click the "Edit" tab. Then, click on the "Site" tab at the top of the page.
  2. The site title is what a visitor will see in the title bar at the top of the page and, if the theme includes it, in the banner section of the site.
  3. The site e-mail is the e-mail address users will see when they get an e-mail from your site.
  4. The site footer normally holds copyright information.

(in the link above, replace "inspro" with your username)

Next, edit the text on each page. You can also add pictures.

Need tech support? Email us at inspro@wattmedia.com for free email support.

Step 3: Edit your content pages.

  1. Navigate to the About page.
  2. Click the "Edit" link.
  3. Enter the text you would like to appear on that page.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other pages on your site. You might want to print this page as a reference.

Step 4: Adding Images (photos)

There are 2 steps for adding images: uploading the image(s) to the server, and then inserting theimage onto your page.

  1. First, upload the image to the server: When editing a page, underneath the text, click where it says "Disable Rich-Text".
  2. Then click "Add Image."
  3. In the new window, click Browse and select the photo from your computer.
  4. Give the Image a Title (this title is for your own reference and doesn't have to appear on your site) and click "Browse" to get the image from your pc.
  5. Select the image from your computer and click "Open" to select it.
  6. Click "Save" on the bottom to finish the uploading phase.

Now that the image has been uploaded to the server, you will insert it onto your page.

  1. If you haven't already, click "Disable Rich Text" on the bottom. (This step is necessary to insert your image)
  2. Click on the spot in the text where you'd like the image to appear.
  3. Click "Add Image" on the bottom.
  4. Select the image from your collection which you uploaded earlier.
  5. If you don't want the Title to appear, delete the Title.
  6. Select the size (Thumbnail is small, Preview is big) and alignment and click "Insert."
  7. Click "Save" on the bottom.
  8. Your image will be on the page!

Step 5: Adding Links

  1. Type the text you'd like to link, such as, "Click here for..."
  2. Highlight this text by dragging your mouse over it.
  3. From the icons just above the content area, click on the one that looks like a chain link.
  4. In the window that opens, in the field "Link url," enter the website address of the link for.
  5. For "Target," select to open it in a new window.
  6. Keep the Title blank, click Insert, and your link will appear.

Step 6: Adding Articles:

Make sure you are logged into the main inspro site, then click on the preview links

  1. Go to http://insprofessional.com/node/581 and you will see a list of articles which you can add to your website. To preview an article, simply click on "(Preview)" next to the Article Title. Once you've decided that you'd like to place a particular article on your site, simply click on the article link and it will automatically appear on the Articles page of your site.

Step 7: Adding Sell While You Sleep Links

  1. Click here for info on selling insurance while you sleep: http://insprofessional.com/content/sell-while-you-sleep
  2. Click here to add the links to your website: http://insprofessional.com/node/586

Need tech support? Email us at inspro@wattmedia.com for free email support.