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Have you ever thought about what would happen if you became sick or hurt and unable to work? Sure, you may have group disability income insurance through work, but it may not provide enough relief to see you through an extended time off from earning a paycheck, or let you sustain your standard of living. As an owner of an individual disability income insurance policy, you won't have to fear the financial consequences.

Acting now to protect your income is financially advantageous to you in another way. The younger and healthier you are, the more likely you will pay lower policy premiums and face fewer excluded conditions based on your health. In fact, you may not even qualify when you apply for coverage in the future if you experience negative health changes.

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Why Disability Insurance and Income protection? Most people insure their material possessions like their homes and cars, for example, but many people don’t insure what is probably their most valuable asset: “The ability to go to work and earn a paycheck or income”. If a person becomes sick or injured and can’t work, that person will not be able to pay bills and maintain the same or similar standard of living. Disability insurance helps cover your medical bills if you are sick or injured. Some disability plans pay out benefits only for an illness, while others pay for illness and injuries. Business owners and professionals rely on their key skills and leadership, protecting their income in case of an injury or health issue can be a very important need for certain individuals. 64% of wage earners believe they have a 2% or less chance of becoming disabled for three months or more during their working career. One Statistical data paints a much different picture: just over 25% of today’s 20 year olds will become disabled before they retire. Every income earner needs disability income insurance. Disability insurance can help pay bills by replacing a portion of lost income. It can help maintain a lifestyle; help protect the insured and their family from needing to liquidate hard earned assets or falling into serious debt. Individual disability insurance pays the insured benefits if they cannot work due to an injury or illness. Some policies pay partial benefits if they are only able to work part-time. Disability insurance generally provides replacement of 65% to 75% of income depending on the taxability of the benefits.

We represent the top rated carriers offering Disability Insurance and Income protection, read below for 3 major categories of plans design for most individuals and companies. If you need a different plan just call Maria Gutierrez at 954-394-8672 or send your request to We are focused on educating and informing consumers regarding their disability plan options and assisting them in acquiring the most appropriate policy for their needs.

Some Scary Statistics:

  1. Each year, 1 person in 8 will suffer disability, to learn more go to:
  2. 2 out of 3 American families live paycheck to paycheck; 70% of families can only afford to be without a paycheck for 1 month or less (Source: The Council of Disability Insurers, The Long Term Disability Claims Review)
  3. 75% of disabilities are caused by an illness rather than an accident (Source: Commissioner’s Disability Table)
  4. 1/3 of all people between the ages of 30 and 64 will become disabled sometime in their lives
  5. Disability is the leading cause of personal bankruptcies causing nearly 50% of all mortgage foreclosures, compared to 2% death (Source: The Council of Disability Insurers, The Long Term Disability Claims Review)
  6. 82% of American workers have inadequate or no disability protection (Source: Consumer Federation of America and American Council


Personal High Limit Disability Insurance #DP3: It can be hard to face the fact that a disability can happen at any time, to anyone; without high limit disability insurance you could potential face huge financial losses. You need to protect yourself and your family from the ruinous fiscal consequences of a debilitating injury or illness. Personal Disability Insurance allows people to not only continue fostering their children’s quality education and put three well balanced meals on the table, but to continue living in the manner to which they have become accustomed. If you are properly insured, you can continue living comfortably in the face of a temporary or permanent disability.

Guaranteed-Issue Multi-Life Disability Insurance #DP4: If a disability inhibits one from working the financial strain can be catastrophic; everyday costs suddenly become nearly impossible to cover. Even with a disability insurance plan in place, it may be hard to continue living a fulfilling lifestyle; many plans only cover the bare bones. Because many highly compensated employees have difficulty obtaining adequate and reasonable amounts of disability insurance through their group long term disability insurance plans, we have other options for a high limit supplemental group plan.

Accelerated Benefit Plan to age 70 #DP5: The Accelerated Benefit plan was designed to provide an insured person with high-level coverage on top of any existing benefits while at the same time providing a benefit period that will provide income for the insured person to age 65, 67, or 70. Since this policy is offered as an excess or supplemental policy, the insured person must have underlying group and/or individual disability coverage in force. When the insured person becomes disabled and the elimination period is fulfilled, the insured person will begin receiving monthly disability insurance benefits. If the insured person is totally disabled for a period longer than 120 months, the Accelerated Benefit Payout provision will be triggered and the policy will pay the remaining monthly benefits to age 65, 67, or 70 as a lump sum without any additional definition restrictions.

Executive 400 High Limit Disability Insurance Plan #DP6: The Executive 400 Disability Plan was designed for the white collar market and has issue limits of $100,000 per month or more with participation limits up to 75% for personal disability and 100% for business uses. This plan may be used as: Primary Coverage- Excess / Supplemental Coverage-Special Risk Coverage-Domestic Coverage-International Coverage. Company executives and other powerful employees without proper insurance coverage are risking financial ruin in the face of a disability. Working in a specialty occupation sometimes needs a High Limit Disability Insurance Plan. Unfortunately, for a highly compensated executive, sufficient amounts of disability insurance can be difficult to obtain from traditional carriers.

Physicians & Surgeons Disability Plan #DP7: Physicians & Surgeons Disability Insurance Plan was designed to provide men and women working in the medical field with proper levels of income protection. This plan allows medical professionals to maintain their standards of living in the event that an injury or illness leaves them unable to work. With issue limits as high as $150,000 per month (or more) and participation limits up to 75% for personal income protection and as much as 100% coverage for business uses, our Physician and Surgeons Disability Insurance Plan will provide adequate levels of disability benefits to keep you properly covered. This plan may be used as: This plan may be used as: Primary Coverage- Excess / Supplemental Coverage-Special Risk Coverage-Domestic Coverage-International Coverage.

Dentists Disability Insurance Plan #DP8: The Dentists Disability Insurance Plan was designed with the understanding that dentistry is a specialty occupation and, therefore, those working in the dental trades often need high limit disability Insurance. Unfortunately, because this is usually a highly compensated line of work, dentists often find it difficult to obtain sufficient amounts of disability insurance from traditional carriers.

This plan may be used as: Primary Coverage- Excess / Supplemental Coverage-Special Risk Coverage-Domestic Coverage-International Coverage.

“Star” Coverage Disability Insurance #DP9: Entertainers have historically been too risky for traditional carriers to insure due to a variety of factors. Some companies are uncomfortable with the many months of unemployment in between jobs or the royalty income that would inevitably continue even if a client were to become disabled. Additionally, many entertainers have seven figure incomes and require large monthly benefits that traditional carriers cannot or will not provide.

At first glance, these cases seem difficult to place, but the same is not true with the “Star” Coverage Disability Insurance Plan. This plan has been customized to meet the unique needs demanded by high profile clientele and those working within the movie, television, and music industries.

Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan #DP10: For those working in the entertainment industry, our carriers have developed the Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan. Traditional insurance carriers may refuse to insure those working in the Entertainment Industry as their incomes can fluctuate between jobs. This industry is a broad one; we can secure you with an Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan developed to provide those who work behind the scenes with the coverage they require.

Some of the common Entertainment Industry careers: Animation, Makeup, Composer, Set, Director, Special Effects, Electrician, Lighting, Camera, Production, Designer, Sound, Editor, Writer, Artist, Musician, Construction, Set People, Driver, Stunt Person.

Brokers & Traders Disability Insurance Plan #DP11: Working in a specialty occupation sometimes needs a high limit Disability Insurance Plan. Unfortunately, for highly compensated employees such as Commodity Brokers and Stock Traders, sufficient amounts of disability insurance can be difficult to obtain from traditional carriers.

Our carriers designed the Brokers and Traders Disability Insurance Plan to provide men and women with the income replacement coverage they require. These professions can be unpredictable and are sometimes uninsurable by the traditional market; however, a disability insurance policy is one of the most crucial parts of a sound financial plan.

A. Personal Financial Plans: Income Replacement • Excess Disability • High Limit Disability

B. Business Financial Plans: • Salary Continuation • Buy-Sell Agreements • Business Overhead Expense • Key Person • Contract Agreement • Bank Loan Indemnification

Legal Profession Disability Insurance Plan #DP12: Attorneys, judges and other legal professionals often have incomes that exceed the limits of the traditional insurance markets; therefore people in the legal profession are usually underinsured. Being underinsured can be just as dangerous as not being insured at all. Our insurance carriers’ Legal Profession Disability Insurance Plan was developed to help you secure sufficient coverage in case a disability inhibits you from working.

The Legal Profession Disability Insurance Plan can be used as: Primary Coverage- Excess / Supplemental Coverage-Special Risk Coverage-Domestic Coverage-International Coverage.

Pilots Loss of License #DP13: Temporary or Permanent Loss of License

Corporate and commercial pilots have always had a tough time securing proper insurance. In the past, the majority of insurance companies have told pilots that they are “uninsurable” because there are too many factors that could cause them to lose their medical certificate. Due to strict medical qualifications, many health issues that would allow employees in the traditional workplace to continue working would cost a pilot his or her license.

While traditional insurance carriers have effectively turned their backs on this occupation, our insurance carriers and underwriters has designed a loss of license insurance plan that will cover pilots if they lose their medical certificate and are no longer able to fly.

Corporate aviation is a booming industry. Many corporate aviation companies want to attract the top pilots, but in most cases are unable to provide adequate insurance, or offer none at all. Now you can have access to an insurance policy and securing coverage to pilots through our highly rated carriers.

Disability Insurance Solutions Plan #DP14: The Disability Insurance Solutions Plan was designed specifically for your blue and gray collar clients. This plan comes with many benefits already included such as recurrent disabilities, transplants benefits, presumptive benefits and waiver of premium. With limits of $100,000 per month or more and participation limits up to 75% for personal disability and 100% for business uses, you will be able to properly protect your needed incomes.

The solution plan may be used as: Primary Coverage- Excess / Supplemental Coverage-Special Risk Coverage-Domestic Coverage-International Coverage.

Graded Benefit Disability Insurance #DP15: How the plan works Graded Benefit DI protects personal income at 65%, up to $20,000 per month. Conditions which are graded are covered at a level benefit of 80%, 65% or 50% of the monthly benefit amount. The definition of disability is specialty own occupation for the full benefit period. The term of insurance is guaranteed for five years and is non-cancelable. Choice of three benefit levels will enable any hard to place case an affordable premium: 80% Level Benefit, 65% Level Benefit, 50% Level Benefit.

Stock Option Plan #DP16: The Stock Option Disability Insurance plan is a long-term, own-occupation; career-ending disability insurance product designed for executives of publicly traded companies. Within publicly traded corporations, many of the top executives are compensated via a number of different sources. The more common sources will include salary, bonus, and stock options. After a review of public compensation data, the results are unanimous, these individuals are paid a modest salary, bonuses tend to vary, and stock options can be as much as 80% of total compensation package. Benefits are paid on a lump sum basis of up to five times the last three years annual average stock option awards. Our insurance carriers are able to secure benefits as much as $50,000,000 or more!

Pension Completion Disability Insurance #DP17: Let the insured decide how to handle the benefit as opposed to being tied to a trust.

If a disability, from an accident or illness, strikes while one is building a pension plan, the results can be catastrophic. Suddenly, with no income, the disabled can no longer contribute to his or her retirement plan. A disability does not just create immediate financial troubles; the future becomes incredibly uncertain as well. Will a disability put off your client’s retirement? Pension Completion Disability Insurance will ease these concerns so you can stop worrying about the stability of your future and focus on the present.

Chiropractors Disability Insurance Plan #DP18: Specifically designed for people in the medical field of chiropractic care, the Chiropractors Disability Insurance Plan recognizes the coverage needs of people in this specialized occupation. Traditional insurance markets often leave highly compensated Chiropractors without adequate disability insurance. Sufficient DI coverage is one of the most important pieces of a secure financial plan. A disability resulting in the inability to return to work could cause financial ruin; being underinsured is almost as dangerous as having no insurance.

The Chiropractors Disability Insurance Plan allows Chiropractors to continue living comfortably in case a disability leaves them unable to work. With issue limits as high as $100,000 per month and participation limits up to 75% for personal disability and 100% for business uses, our carrier’s Chiropractors Disability Insurance Plan will offer proper income protection for you.


Buy-Sell Disability Insurance #DP19: Businesses with more than one owner often draw up a buyout plan should one of the owners pass away. In the event of an unexpected death the buy/sell plan ensures the stability of the company. Unfortunately, while most people plan for an unexpected death, many overlook the possibility of an injury or sickness permanently disabling one of the partners; even though a disability is much more likely! Buy-Sell Disability Insurance is invaluable in this type of situation; our Insurance Carriers & Underwriters offers many high limit disability insurance plans designed to cover your business in a buy/sell agreements.

Buy-Sell PLUS Disability #DP20: Many businesses make wise preparations for the possibility of a partner becoming disabled by funding their buy/sell agreements with Buy/Sell Disability Insurance plans. Most look to insure against premature death, but a disability occurring before retirement is actually far more likely. If we look at most plan’s terms, we have to ask, “What can happen to a company’s cash flow during its buy/sell plan’s elimination period, which is typically 12 months or longer, while the disabled partner is unable to work?” A financial bleed can follow the loss of a key employee or principal due to a disability for many reasons.

Key Person Disability Insurance #DP21: A MUST HAVE. The majority of companies have key people who are essential to the success of the business. Whether these people are valuable because of their expertise, power, innovation or information, losing them (even temporarily) could be incredibly detrimental to a company. Key Person Disability Insurance provides crucial benefits to protect the company financially in the event that a key employee can no longer work due to a disability. Key Person coverage provides cash flow to help companies move forward and maintain a profit in the event that a key employee becomes disabled. In this situation, high limit disability insurance is invaluable.

The company could use the disability benefits to hire a temporary employee should the disabled employee’s prognosis appear to be a short-term disability. In the unfortunate circumstance of a permanent disability, benefits would then be used to help defray the costs related to hiring a replacement employee, such as recruitment, training, startup, loss in revenue and unfunded salary continuation costs.

Business Overhead Insurance (B.O.I.) #DP22: A MUST HAVE. Supplemental coverage * Different occupations * Medical history

When you’re unable to work do to a disability, your personal life will not be the only victim. Personal disability plans will keep you and your family living comfortably, but what will happen to your company while you are unable to work? Companies need cash flow to pay the rent, utilities, maintenance, salaries, fulfill monthly paychecks and take care of other necessities. If a disability keeps you from working, your company could be forced to close for a short time, or even permanently. Businesses that close temporarily, even for a few months, often cannot regain their footing. Our carriers offers high limit disability insurance plans to keep your companies functioning smoothly.

Buy-In Disability Insurance #DP23: When an individual is invited to become a partner in a professional practice or business, there is usually a period of time that involves the buying in. During this period the deal is riding on the fact that the individual becoming a partner has the finances to buy into the company. A disability could really throw a wrench in the plan.

Should the person becoming a partner become disabled during the buy in period, there could be significant problems with the completion of the deal. Without the ability to continue working, the disabled might not be able to afford to buy into a company. Unfortunately, because the disabled is not a full partner at the company, a traditional Buy Sell Disability Insurance plan will not cover him or her. In this type of situation our carrier’s will provide many high limit Disability Insurance policies that would cover the Buy-In agreement.

Buy-In Disability Insurance reassures both parties that the partnership will be completed and that the financial obligations stated in the contract will be fulfilled.

Contract Guarantee Disability Insurance #DP24: Signing a contract obligates both parties to stand by their initial agreement. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can inhibit people and companies from carrying out the terms of the contract. One party’s inability to fulfill the terms of the contract could mean the other party takes a huge financial loss.

Traditional Contract Guarantee plans may not have high enough limits to fulfill your needs; our carrier’s Contract Guarantee Disability Insurance will cover you when other disability insurance agreements fall short. Whether this contract is between a company and employee, business partners, or divorced couples, almost all contractual relationships can be considered under this disability program. Make sure you are safe and your financial contracts are secure with our carrier’s Contract Guarantee Disability Insurance.

Severance Agreement Disability Insurance #DP25: An interesting problem develops when the termination of an employee involves a severance package and part of that package is the requirement to continue benefits such as Long Term Disability Insurance. The HR Departments often times will panic when they realize they can no longer keep the terminated employee on the group LTD plan. Unfortunately, securing an individual plan is not an available option since the person is currently unemployed. We want to keep you financially secure with one of our tailored high limit disability plans.

Disability coverage for a terminated employee and his or her family is a high expense, and certainly not a cost the company will want to cover. When the Traditional Market fails to provide an acceptable solution, our Carriers & Underwriters can solve the problem with High Limit Disability Insurance. This type of insurance will guarantee that long term disability insurance plan in the severance package is upheld.

Severance Agreement Disability Insurance will keep the terminated employee and his family safe, as well as keep the company from a major financial loss.

Salary Continuation Disability Insurance #DP26: Some companies will write a formal salary continuation plan for their employees. This states that, in the event that an employee becomes disabled and can no longer work, the company will continue paying his or her salary.

When disability strikes the financial consequences can be devastating. A salary continuation plan will help the disabled stay on his or her feet and provide for his or her family. However, for the company, this plan can be dangerous; paying an employee who is no longer contributing is incredibly detrimental.

Many companies involved in these kinds of contracts with their employees will indemnify this liability with Salary Continuation Disability Insurance. However, if an employee’s income exceeds the limits of the traditional markets this can still potentially place an unrealized liability on the books of the company. Our Carriers & Underwriters’ Salary Continuation Plan is designed to solve this problem. This insurance protects the disabled employee (insuring he or she will receive payment) as well as the company (protecting the business from taking a huge loss).

Loan Indemnification Disability Insurance #DP27: When a bank lends money to a business, the lender will usually require the borrower to provide proof of disability insurance equaling the amount of the loan payments. This insures the lender that should the borrower become sick or hurt, the loan repayment will continue. The preferred solution for this type of requirement would be to prescribe disability insurance that would pay the monthly loan payments and/or pay-off the remainder of the loan balance, while not interfering with the borrower’s personal disability insurance. Most often, traditional Business Overhead Expense insurance plan benefits periods are too short to satisfy the loan. Additionally, while it may be advantageous for the bank, asking an individual to assign his or her personal disability benefits to the bank would leave the insured’s family seriously vulnerable financially.

Business Loans can be structured in a number of ways including: The goal of the Loan Indemnification Disability Insurance plan is to satisfy the lender’s insurance requirements so that the loan can close without any delays. Loan Indemnification Disability Insurance provides customized benefits tailored to the stipulations of the loan agreement. Benefits are designed to cover 100% of the monthly or lump sum loan payments. SBA Loan • Working Capital Loan • Commercial Real Estate Loan • Merchant Account Cash Advance • Start-up Loans • Franchise Start-up Loan • Business Acquisitions • Line of Credit • Equipment Financing • Construction Financing • Business Only Loans.


Athletes’ careers expose them to countless possible injuries. Additionally, the physical qualifications he or she must maintain are incredibly demanding. Athletes consistently risk injuring themselves and, sadly, even a minor disability can be career-ending for a college or professional athlete. Because the risk is so high, Traditional Insurance companies usually do not underwrite disability insurance plans for athletes. Our Carriers & Underwriters provides high limit coverage for professional athletes as well as collegiate stars planning to play professionally against career ending disabilities or temporary disabilities.

Student Athlete Disability Insurance #DP28: Draft Protection Disability Insurance

A student athlete, playing at the college or even high school level has a lot riding on the ability to play his or her sport. Dreams of future professional careers and signing bonuses can come crumbling down in a split second because of an injury on or off the field. For cases like this, our Carrier’s & Underwriters offers Draft Protection Disability insurance. This plan can be purchased by a student athlete who shows professional potential. In the event of a career ending injury or permanent total disablement, this plan will protect the student against a loss of future earnings as a professional athlete.

For a student athlete, disability insurance guarantees that an injury will not cause future fiscal losses. A third party scout will assess the student athlete and determine whether or not he or she demonstrates professional potential. The company’s sports underwriters will then establish the insured’s benefit amount. The maximum benefit amount that a player can qualify for is based on where he/she is projected to be drafted and how much that position has signed for in previous year’s drafts. In the unfortunate event that the insured does become disabled, the benefit will be paid as a onetime, tax-free, lump sum.

Professional Jockey Disability Plan #DP29: Whether you are a jockey, driver or a trainer, you’re exposed to countless possible injuries as well as being susceptible to illnesses just like any other person. Even a minor disability will interrupt cash flow, with more serious disabilities possibly being career ending. Because the risk is so high in the industry of horse racing, traditional insurance companies typically do not underwrite these disability insurance plans. Our Carriers provides disability coverage protecting paychecks during periods of temporary disabilities or in case of permanent career-ending disabilities.

The Links Disability Insurance #DP30: Whether you are a Touring Pro Club Pro or Teaching Pro, all professional golfers have the need of protecting their income. Countless possible injuries or illnesses can create the inability to earn a living. Even a minor disability will interrupt cash flow, with more serious disabilities possibly being-career ending. Because income/winnings can fluctuate and the risk is high for professional’s golfers to become disabled, traditional insurance companies will not underwrite these occupations. Our Carriers provides disability coverage to protect an income during periods of temporary and in case of permanent career-ending disabilities.


Term of Insurance: Term of insurance is the period of time that the policy is non-cancellable. The terms of the policy nor the premium can be altered by the insurance carrier, provided you pay your premium on time.

Elimination period: is the time which must pass after the date of the injury or sickness, prior to the loss payee receiving benefits. A variety of elimination periods are available.

Benefit Period: The benefits period is the number of months that benefits are payable during a period of disability. Benefit periods may range from one month to “to age 65” or higher

Loss Payee: All disability benefits from the policy will be paid to the designated loss payee. Owner or policy owner is the person or entity that has the right to request modifications to the policy.

New Term of Insurance: A new term of insurance may be offered at the expiry date, subject to underwriting.

Premium Mode: Premium payments may be made on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or single premium basis. All premium payments are available on an electronic transfer or credit card deduction. And certain premium modes may be paid by check.

Grace Period: A grace period of thirty-one days applies to any premium installment payment.

Waiver of Premium: Following the initial premium payment, if you become totally or residually disabled for more than 90 days, the policy will waive any premium.

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