Valenzuela Financial Management Group offers services in the following areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Indexed Annuities
  • Insurance Services:Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care
  • College Aid Planner
  • Reverse Mortgage/ Refinance/ New Purchase
  • Living Trusts
  • Join My Team

Asset Management

Through our business partnership with CPR Investments Inc, a registered investment adviser, our goal is provide for our clients investment solutions that best fit their objectives. This is done by developing a financial strategy, along with a risk tolerance evaluation. Through the various money management firms and models, along with their focus on risk and performance, is what enables us to help our clients in retirement and attract new ones. Listed here are services we offer:

  • Roth IRAs
  • Traditional IRAs
  • College Accounts
  • Joint Accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • Rollover IRAs
  • 401-K Plans
  • SEP IRAs
  • Profit Sharing Plans

401(k) Plans  

It can be challenging for an employer to establish and maintain a cost-effective retirement plan for their employees while mitigating employer fiduciary liability. We offer companies a multiple employer plan designed to help businesses provide a cost-effective retirement plan for their employees. This multiple employer retirement (MEP) plan uses the economies of scale of multiple companies to leverage their collective strength in ways that often cannot otherwise be accomplished. This 401(k) Plan is a fully-integrated customizable, turn-key retirement plan designed to reduce employer and personal fiduciary liability.

Cost: Individual adopters are able to take advantage of economy of scale plan pricing.

Liability: The sponsor is no longer the trustee for their retirement plan; personal liability is transferred to an independent fiduciary and fiduciary liability is significantly reduced.

Choice: Adopting employers are still able to choose from a menu of investment options, as recommended by the ERISA Fiduciary in the plan, that incorporates best-in-class risk-based portfolios along with core investment options that allow for self-direction.

Flexibility: The plan allows for custom design to allow each adopting employer to implement provisions (e.g. eligibility, matching) to their specific needs.

Service: Overall relationship management will be spearheaded by FutureBenefits of America, an independent 3rd Party Administration and record keeping firm.

Indexed Annuities

When we are discussing retirement for our clients, key components are: safety, protection of principal, avoid market risk, low to no fees, income generation, tax deferred growth, inflation, and taxes. There are income riders and bonus offerings that may fit to provide income benefits for life and additional income in case of medical confinement. Having part or some of the client’s assets in a place that provides income without the risk of market volatility is key. Here is where we introduce the use of Fixed Indexed Annuities.

Since part or some of the client’s assets are strategically placed in the Indexed Annuity, this allows the remainder kept liquid in our Asset Management Solutions portfolios. These assets are managed by the money managers and models selected based on the individual needs for each client. Thus, the client is addressing risk throughout their entire retirement, while having liquidity and safety all at once! This strategy allows the client to properly maximize the benefits of the indexed annuity since they have assets outside the annuity available for liquid needs. 

457(b) & 403(b) Plans

In the 457(b) and 403(b) marketplace, via one of our carriers, who is a top provider of indexed annuities in the employer plan category, provides a comprehensive benefits package to attract, reward and retain employees. In today's competitive employment market, offering a retirement product that meets the needs of your employees today and down the road is key.

One very important point of discussiong regarding retirement planning is the concern of outliving one's retirement savings. In fact, that is the number one concern for those who are approaching, getting ready or already retired. Most people would think their most dire fear would be death. Not even close. 

As a financial professional and advisor, focusing on market risk, principal protection, longevity, taxes, inflation, income for life are part of the discussions I have with the families I serve. THis topic is the discussion of the implementation of an Indexed Annuity.

Our long-standing business partnerships and marketing consultants provide Valenzuela Financial Management Group the necessary support in identifying the annuity providers and product/s best suited for the needs of the client. We represent an array of insurance companies who specialize in this area.

Insurance Services

Life Insurance: Insurance is an integral part of the services we offer at Valenzuela Financial Management Group at affordable prices. Our client’s needs vary depending on their individual circumstances. Maybe you own a business, or you are self-employed, and need a life, key man, executive bonus policy for you/your business partners. Do you or your spouse need a tax-advantage life policy or term policy? You may have a special case, a pre-existing condition that needs further discussion. No worries, we can help! Through our expert special case team support, we will shop and discuss your situation with the insurance companies to find a solution for you. Check out our Life Insurance Calculator tab for a quick quote.

Long Term Care: is an ever increasing product that many of us may need during our lifetime, and into retirement. Health insurance policies, Medicare nor Social Security cover this need. Consult with us to see how to properly price a product for you.

Disability: Business owners and professionals rely on their key skills and leadership. Protecting their income in case of an injury or health issue can be a very important need for certain individuals. Regardless of your particular situation, Valenzuela Financial Marketing Group is here to help you meet your insurance needs through our long-standing partnerships with expert top rated providers. Check out our Disability tab for a quick quote.

Living Trust

As you are approaching retirement, you are at a point in your life that you have accumulated substantial assets: Home, savings, investments, real estate, along with other personal items such as jewelry, collectibles, etc. These are your life’s savings and it took years of work and effort to now own the things you value. Some day you wish to pass on valuables to your heirs, maybe donate to charity or your church or synagogue, gift something to a close friend, etc. How do you do this? What will happen if I have not prepared my documents correctly? Will it cost me more for not preparing properly?

The most loving thing you can do for your family is to provide for their future security with a Living Trust. Many people don't realize that preparing a Will is an invitation into Probate. That's right…if you have a Will you will most definitely go through the Probate process. Probate will cost your family 5% to 10% of the total GROSS value of your estate, and the Probate attorneys get most of that money. Source (, Home Tab, copyright 2016)

Please go to this my living trust link and learn more about how a living trust can be a valuable and important financial/legal tool designed to protect your assets from probate.

Many of your questions will be answered. Mr. Valenzuela, an agent with Heritage Living Trust can help you set up this valuable financial instrument to protect your assets and your desires for whom to pass them on in the future. Click on this link to learn more!