Indexed Annuities

When we are discussing retirement for our clients, key components are: safety, protection of principal, avoid market risk, low to no fees, income generation, tax deferred growth, inflation, and taxes. There are lifetime income riders and bonus offerings that may fit to provide income benefits for life and additional income in case of medical confinement. Having part or some of the client’s assets in a place that provide lifetime income without the risk of market volatility is key.  These are some of the fundamental features of indexed annuities and why having the option to include them as part of your financial picture is important.

With people living much longer, due to better health, diet, and nutrition, it is very important that one addresses longevity when it comes to retirement. Outliving one's income due to poor investments, market risk, fees/expenses, overspending based on your age limits, all can greatly impact your life's savings. The number one fear people have today, upon retirement is not death, it is running out of money! With an indexed annuity, addressing risk, protecting principal, provding lifetime income for owner AND spouse, without the fear of running out of money are available. There is a low cost for lifetime income benefit. Beneficiary benefits and probate benefits are part of these products, as well.

In planning for retirement, strategically placing part or some of the client’s assets in an indexed annuity allows the remainder to be kept liquid in our Asset Management Solutions portfolios. These assets are managed by the advisory risk money managers and models selected based on the client's needs. Thus, the client is addressing risk throughout their entire retirement, while having liquidity from the advisory investments and safety from the indexed annuities, all at once!  

This is very important because the client is fully benefiting from each of the strategy's strenghts.


 Indexed Annuities in 457(b) & 403(b) Plans

In the 457(b) and 403(b) marketplace, via one of our carriers, who is the #1 provider of indexed annuities in the employer plan category, provides a comprehensive benefits package to attract, reward and retain employees. In today's competitive employment market, offering a retirement product that meets the needs of your employees today and down the road is key.

One very important point of discussiong regarding retirement planning is the concern of outliving one's retirement savings. In fact, that is the number one concern for those who are approaching, getting ready or already retired. Most people would think their most dire fear would be death. Not even close. 

As a financial professional and advisor, focusing on market risk, principal protection, longevity, taxes, inflation, income for life are part of the discussions I have with the families I serve. 

With regards to 457(b)/403(b) plans, knowing that  this part of your retirement can be protected from market losses, provide principal protection, and income for life without the fear of running out of money is a very valuable benefit to have as part of a retirement plan.

Our long-standing business partnerships and marketing consultants provide Valenzuela Financial Management Group the necessary support in identifying the annuity providers and product/s best suited for the needs of the client. We represent an array of insurance companies who specialize in this area.