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Federal/Postal Employees

Are you approaching, getting ready to, recently or currently retired? Anyone within 5 years of retirement should take the time to meet with a Federal Benefits Consultant to begin not only planning your retirement but clearly understand and update benefit status, costs, necessity, and value. Younger Federal Employees should also understand the cost vs value of each federal benefit as early as possible.

If you value maximizing your retirement please pay attention! 

  • Are you maximizing your retirement benefits.? This could cost you thousands of dollars. Incorrect selections not only could cost you thousands of dollars but also your spouse's eligibility for health insurance benefits. You have every right to maximize all of your benefits.
  • How you manage your TSP during your working years and up to retirement age is important. Are you aware of the market risk, volatility and the impacts of taxes, inflation, and fees on your money? How you allocate among funds can impact your retirement depending on risk and upside of the market. Can you financially tolerate market risk on your money over time based on your age and years to retirement? How often do you review your statements? What about providing/creating principal protection for some or part of your retirement savings? 
  • If you are over the age of 59 1/2, you are eligible to address alternative retirement options for your TSP while still employed. Look at ways to add principal protection and risk managed solutions for your TSP.
  • Your Annuity Pension Selection is another important topic to discuss. What is the best way to maximize that income and understand how best to accomplish this goal?
  • FEGLI costs rise significantly as you age. Are you aware of the rising costs of your Federal Employee Group Life Insurance and how that will impact you when you retire, especially from ages 44-70 (2000% higher)? Making better choices sooner in your career can save you thousands of dollars. Various alternative options are available including a guaranteed term offering till age 100!
  • What is the maximum you should be spending in retirement to protect your investments properly? 
  • Federal Employees lack disability protection having to use their sick and vacation leave and even dipping into their TSP to cover lost wages during an unforeseen short term issue, such as pregnancy, an accident, or sickness. You now have a Disability offering specifically designed for Federal Employees.
  • Long Term Care costs have risen significantly with Federal Employee Long Term Care. Review this offering to find alternative benefits to serve your long term care needs.
  • Social Security is part of your retirement. How soon should one commence receiving a benefit? Find out how, when and why to help maximize your Social Security benefits. Do you understand spousal and widow's benefits and how they may be effectively managed? 

Retirement and Financial Planning are such important parts of your career. Your schedule is limited during work hours to dedicate time to learn about your federal benefits, review your finances, choices, and options. When it is time to make these choices mathematical reviews should be the key process taken before going forward. 

Delaying this exercise, relying on work colleagues, management or even your well-meaning friends/family to guide you is a very dangerous way to make financial and retirement decisions. Many of your decisions are irrevocable so proper information/education is necessary. For those individuals who wish to maximize their federal benefits as early as possible, this is the time to act.

As an Investment Advisor Representative and Federal Benefits Consultant, Joe will prepare a complimentary, confidential and customized Federal Employee Retirement Benefits Report along with a review of the spouse's/partner's financial position.

Joe Valenzuela is a Federal Benefits Consultant and has his U.S. GSA (Government Services Administration) CAGE (Commercial and Government Acgency) Code accreditation. This allows him to host federal workshops and events on federal property.

Additionally, as an exclusive service to my Federal Employees, you will receive a complimentary monitoring service for your Thrift Savings Plan, known as the TSP Optimizer. This tool will personalize your investment choices and percentages, help risk manage your TSP, and help navigate your investments during market cycles. The TSP Optimizer is on the job 24/7 monitoring your investments, keeping up to date on market shifts and striving to keep you on the safe side of the market.

Look below and see how both your Federal and Family Benefits Topics will be covered, discussed and reviewed in depths for you!

Federal Benefits Topics Covered

CSRS, FERS, FERS Transfees & CSRS OFFSET, Pension Calculation, Survivor Pension Options, Review of FEGLI and valuable available Options, Thrift Savings Plan, FERS Supplement, Mandatory Retirement (ATC/LEO), Social Security, Federal Group Long Term Care, Fed Employee Health Benefits (FEHB), Disability, Identity Protection, and Federal Taxes.  

Family Financial Topics Covered

Review of Spouse/Partner Benefits, Group Life Insurance, Pension, ESOP, 401-k, 403-B, SEP, IRAs, Roth IRA, Mortgage Review, Debt Review, Personal Life Insurance Policies, Investment Accounts, College Planning for Children, Budgetary Planning, Emergency Funds, Long Term Care, & Living Trust.

TSP Optimizer: GET IT COMPLIMENTARY as a Federal Employee!!

I assist federal employees and members of the uniformed services by offering an automated, easily accessible online system: The TSP Optimizer is on the job 24/7 monitoring your investments, keeping you up to date on market shifts and striving to keep you on the safe side of the market.

Personalized advice 24/7: Provides personalized, COMPLIMENTARY ( for my federal employees) advice to help you better save and invest your TSP plan. Easily allocate your portfolio based on your personal goals and risk preference.

Stoploss Protection: Helps you navigate the market and works to keep your TSP investments on the safe side by overlaying your portfolio with a mathematical, non-emotional tool called the HCM-Buyline®.

Performance: The TSP Optimizer system algorithms monitor the investments in your plan and seeks to select the best performing fund options for you. Go to www.tspoptimizer.com , scroll down the page and review the PERFORMANCE of the hypothetical back-tested performance of the HCM-Buy line. Taking this step as a responsible decision to address your TSP, market risk, and your retirement can potentially benefit you greatly. You can also go to https://www.tspoptimizer.com/myadvisor/joe-valenzuela and see my direct link to the TSP Optimizer tool, and sign up.

Go to www.tspoptimizer.com and sign up. Select Joe Valenzuela as your advisor. This code gives you this service complimentary, instead of paying the annual fee! This is the commitment I offer Federal Employees to help address their TSP.

 Pass this on to your work colleagues. They deserve to address their TSP account, as well!

Contact my office to request your COMPLIMENTARY Federal Employee Retirement Benefits Summary Report and Financial Review today!


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