At Valenzuela Financial Management Group we focus on those who are age 50+ and the financial concerns of those individuals and families. Retirement is very important as is being able to retire with dignity. Who are these individuals? These are people who have children in college, grown children, grandchildren, looking at retiring soon or already retired. Learning how to adjust financially for this stage of their lives is key. They have worked hard and now it is time to focus on retirement. Making educated decisions after an analytical review of the client’s individuals situation eliminates emotional-based decisions.

About Joe Valenzuela

Joe Valenzuela has been in the financial services industry since 1993. His educational background consists of a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He holds a Life & Health and Annuity License in order to service the various insurance needs of his clients including: life, long term care, disability and indexed annuities.  Joe is an Investment Advisor Representative with CPR Investmennt Inc, an SEC registered investment adviser (Series 65).

Joe is a federal benefits consultant working with federal employees helping them address their financial and retirement planning. Federal employee benefits can be confusing. These benefits must be reviewed carefully, outside options considered, costs/limits of these benefits, and understand that in making these decisions, many are irrevocable. Consultations and reports are prepared for clients, complimentary.

Additionally, Joe also works with retiring State of Florida employees. In Florida, there exist two retirement options. Each has its own list of options. Choosing can be difficult. Knowing how each choice works is key. Again care, judgement, and careful review must be done. Consultations and reviews are prepared for clients, complimentary.

Joe, also carries a Mortgage Loan Orignator License. This allows Joe to help service clients when they are looking for a loan or a possible refinance. Today, though, there exists a more significant benefit in servicing clients who are age 62+, reverse mortgages. FHA insured, reverse mortgages today offer clients the ability to use the equity in their home in retirement to compliment exisitng assets in retirement. Tax free income, flexible options, non-recourse product, offers additional benefits to the retiree. Ownership of home is not forfeited, along with beneficiary benefits for the children. Today's reverse mortgage is not what may have been in the past! 

College education is a very expensive task faced by many baby boomers. Tuition, room & board, fees, misc costs, can force many families into high financial debt. Joe is college aid planner and teaches his clients how to identify universities that are better suited for the degree sought by the student, while identifying schools who offer maximum college aid. Find out how one may save thousands of dollars by doing an in-depth college planning review.

His focus on educating baby boomers and retirees does not stop there as he hosts retirement planning events for those who wish to become more vigilant and informed about their retirement. His efforts to work with companies and businesses regarding their retirement plans and financial services are also part of his focus.

Joe is an appointed trustee on the pension board for the Davie Fire Department since 2009. He has been married since 1988 to his devoted wife Laurie and has three wonderful children: Julia, Anthony and Dominic.

Mission Statement

At Valenzuela Financial Management Group, our mission is to bring education and information to our clients so that they may take the proper course into retirement. Our individualized reviews and discussions help our clients plan for retirement with a realistic focus. Providing our clients with a proper risk managed solution, using vehicles that can address risk, provide income, safety, fee transparency, liquidity, with upside earning opportunity, and budgetary management is a top priority. On the debt side, learning how to properly eliminate debt, reduce mortgage costs and years are key. For those age 62+ learning how to use a reverse mortgage as another financial vehicle for retirement is key. 

Financial Planning: So many individuals cannot find the time nor have the knowledge to plan financially. Each family is unique. We develop solutions that are tailored to help our clients achieve specific financial goals. The more we know about our clients the easier it is to service their needs.

Retirement Planning: Today with the enormous baby boomer population approaching retirement, choices, planning and solutions must be carefully and individualized to help them retire more effectively. In our approach, we focus on risk, cost/fees and performance. Our clients must have a solution that addresses a combination of safety, income, inflation, taxes, along with their personal goals. “What if” takes on an entirely different approach in retirement, as do the solutions that we provide our clients. This is done by implementing both a safe money approach using indexed annuities for some or part of their money along with tactically risk managed solutions using advisory management firms. This provides the client the safety and income found in indexed annuities along with the opportunity for flexible earnings and liquidity found in the risk managed solutions. 

Employer Planning: Your business may be your greatest asset. Make sure it’s working as hard for you as you do for it! Strategies to protect and grow your business are areas we address. Retirement plans, executive bonus, key man coverages, estate planning and existing strategies, are important topics to consider when owning your business. See our Business Owners/Companies tab.