Business Owners

Business owners work very hard, and in many cases have all of their assets invested in their business. Additional time seems to be the most important resource they lack in order to properly plan for their financial future. As such, this impacts the financial/retirement well being of their business, partners, spouses, and their children.



These are some of the issues that many business owners should address:

1). What is my business worth? Making random assumptions on what one's business is valued can lead to financial shortfalls for all owners and their families. How a buy-sell agreement is set up for the business owners is very important.

2). Time is not something I have available..........I'm too busy! Estate analysis, succession planning, financial planning, ownership transition, and future leadership in the company, who has time for that! I am too busy running by business. With some simple planning, critical situations can be avoided.

3). Nothing like that can happen to me! Quality staff  along with key employees today are one of the most viable assets in a business. A disability occurrence to a key employee, business partner, etc can have a devastating impact on the current operations and future growth of the company. In most small to mid-size companies key employees may be one of the owners who's absence from the company due to an extended period of time could mean a total loss of the company. Proper planning can avoid these tragic business occurrences.

4). No rush, we've got plenty of time to prepare. Procrastination is by far the most prevalent factor found in business and also in many areas of life situations. We always believe that we have all the time in the world and know that we will eventually get to plan financially for our business. Unfortunately, that usually never happens until it is too late! Not planning for retirement or succession is one of the key reasons that family owned or small businesses fail immediately upon the key person leaving the business. This could be a doctor, a sales executive, and architect, a lawyer, etc.

5). I can sell my business and use those assets to retire. Hoping to sell our business when it comes time to retire is our game plan for financial independence, however, today with expansion in technology, global competition, product development, etc, our business may not be worth anything close to what we expected, and as such, at retirement time, we find ourselves in a very difficult position.

6). Taxes, how do we avoid our worst Uncle (Uncle Sam)?  As a business owner, we pay more taxes than we like to say. With the ongoing changes in tax exemptions, regulations, tax laws, etc, how do we keep up? With these changes in regulations come opportunities to reduce taxes, if you know where to look.

By planning early, by addressing your business & financial future directly and not procrastinating, your business along with your partner/s, staff, spouse and children can avoid these critical and very costly mistakes that many business owners make. 

Understanding the proper financial products that are best suited for your particular needs is also key. Simply just owning an insurance product, for instance, or investing in a retirement plan or annuity may not be the best designed product or platform. One must understand the up-front costs, ongoing fees, risk, and net performance of the product/s before identifying if the product makes best sense for the business and its owners/staff. 

At Valenzuela Financial Management Group, along with our long-standing business partnership and marketing consultants, we have the resources to analyze your business, and come up with the necessary financial vehicles that are best suited for your business. We represent a large array of insurance companies, annuity firms, living trust, mortgage services and risk managed advisory firms and investment platforms to address the investment, financial and retirement goals for the business, its owners, staff and employees.

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