Valenzuela Financial Management Group, was founded in 1993. Starting with an educational approach to financial services, we have developed into a firm that focuses on bringing financial solutions to baby boomers, those approaching retirement and retirees.

Since 2000, we all have seen financial changes in the market impact the retirement goals of people age 50+. As a result, people today need to plan differently. Cost of living, college, medical, housing and living expenses continue to rise. How one prepares and manages financially today is more important than ever.

At Valenzuela Financial Management Group, our strategy is two-fold, first educate/inform the families we serve. Our due diligence exercise identifies their current financial position, today. Clients learn the insights of the financial path they have followed and how they have fared over time. This is the “check-in” point.

Once that is accomplished, an open discussion and brainstorm session with the client is conducted to mutually agree on how to focus appropriately as they approach retirement.

It is a fact today, when speaking to people about retirement, the biggest fear they have above all else, is running out of money. Our focus is to teach our clients to be prudent, and address risk in retirement. Understanding these risks along with how costs/fees and performance may impact their assets is addressed.

A retiree, new or existing, must understand that protecting principal, income, safety, risk minimization/management/avoidance replaces "in for the long haul" thinking. Focus on a prudent financial review and then plan accordingly.

There are strategic financial concepts to consider. Go through the various tabs to look at what baby boomers today seek when it comes to finances and their future. Welcome to Valenzuela Financial Management Group!

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