Life Insurance Calculator

You may be wondering..."How much Life Insurance do I need?"

You can find out exactly how by filling out the following information:

Step 1. Income and Assets

  • What is your current annual income?
  • How many years will your husband or wife need your annual income?
  • Your current investment income:
    (Dividends, Rental Properties, Annuities, etc.)
  • The total amount of your existing life insurance coverage:
    (policies you currently own)
  • Your Existing liquid assets:
    (Non-retirement assets that can be liquidated within 3 months )

Enter any Large Debts and Expenses

  • $
    The balance on your Mortgage:
  • $
    Any loans you have:
  • $
    Final expenses:
    (Medical care, Funeral arrangements, Taxes, etc...)

Step 3. Child Support and College Expenses

*Suggested average annual tuition: $10000 - $20000 per year
Child: Monthly child cost: Years child will require support: College expenses:
1 $ years
2 $ years
3 $ years
4 $ years

Additional Recommended Life Insurance:     $

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