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University Plus Youth Life - Coverage for ages 2 months to 26 years of age. Coverage is guaranteed for life. The insurance amount can never be reduced! Pay annually and receive a 5% discount! Easy to apply - no medical exam required. Purchase up to $50,000 of total coverage as children grow. PLUS, RECEIVE MORE BENEFITS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO POLICYHOLDERS! ` Pharmacy Discount Card - save up to 75% on prescriptions and more. ` Hearing Savings Plan - 30-60% discounts on hearing instruments and accessories. Clients are also eligible for the no-cost college scholarship platform!

Term to 95 - is affordable term life insurance, issued through age 75 and provides valuable protection to age 95. Premiums remain level and may never be increased due to age or health. Coverage available up to $75,000. Living Benefit – A living benefit is an immediate pre-payment of half the policy amount if diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of 12 months or fewer. The living benefit may be used for any purpose. Optional Accidental Death Benefit – For a small additional monthly charge, elect to double or triple the cash benefit in the event of a covered accidental death. (Following the first policy billing date after age 75, the accidental death benefit continues at half. The life coverage continues in its full amount.)

Accidental Death - Guaranteed coverage with no medical exam required. Issue Ages 18-69. Coverage is available for the entire family, and premiums remain the same. Policies include a cost of living adjustment, commercial airline benefit, and a hearing savings plan.

Value Gold Whole Life - a modified whole life insurance with coverage until age 120 designed to make it easy to apply and easy to be accepted. This plan is also loaded with benefits usually seen only in more expensive life insurance. This plan also includes a living benefit. If diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of 12 months or fewer, the plan will pay out a payment equal to half the policy amount. The living benefit may be used for any purpose.

24-hr Accident Coverage - Provided by Value Benefits of America, this unique program offers it's members excellent benefits in case of an unexpected accident.  Also included is Call MD, a fantastic new service that provides a lifeline for quick, high quality, non–emergency healthcare -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! For more information and to apply on-line, click HERE. The application process is quick and easy.

Critical Illness Coverage - The statistics are alarming: Over 1.2 million people will suffer heart attacks this year, and 1/2 million will fall victim to a stroke.  Even more concerning--upwards of 1.5 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed.  Provided by Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company, this plan is actually Term Life Insurance that pays the face amount if you die, but more importantly pays you the same amount if you survive a critical illness.  It is excellent protection for your family, and can also be applied for on-line in just a few quick and easy steps.  For more information and to apply on-line,click HERE.

Lightning Issue Term - Post a link and get paid on term life policies, with a consumer-driven application. It’s that simple. We provide you with a custom link – you promote it on your website, social media and through email. Clients can get a quote and sign up in less than 3 minutes and can get approved instantly – policies are generally mailed within two business days! Updated Issue Ages now include age 65!

After signing up, click here to learn how you can put these links on your site.