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Welcome to Insprofessional.com., another service provided by  Levinson & Associates, Inc.

In today's recession-like economy, every sale you make is extremely important. We know this and it's our mission to help our Agents as much as we possibly can. That's why we're making InsProfessional.com available to YOU absolutely free (other than a $7.00 monthly hosting fee). We believe in cost sharing, incentives and  perks to help build upon the relationships we currently enjoy with our Agents. That's why we built InsProfessional.com. for you.

Once you become eligible for InsProfessional.com., please keep the following in mind:

  • It is completely customizable for your needs and the markets you're in,
  • The quote engine is right there for you and your clients to use 24 hours a day/7 days a week,
  • If a prospect or client uses your website, that information is e-mailed back to you as a lead source and,
  • We bear the entire cost of YOUR website from the creation, to the design, to the maintenance other than a minimal monthly hosting fee.


InsProfessional.com is a wonderful opportunity to add integrity and professionalism to your practice. Take advantage of this unique offer from Levinson & Associates, Inc. All it takes is to complete licensing with at least one Levinson carrier and we will get you up and running with the entire I-Genius turn-key platform, including your own FREE agent website! It's that simple!!!

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of creating, designing, hosting and maintaining InsProfessional.com for YOU. We are confident it will lead to more and larger sales, increased referrals and a more professional, better educated client base. At  Levinson & Associates, Inc., our commitment to you is unparalleled service, an ultra-competitive product portfolio and extremely generous compensation. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of earning your business.

Visit us online at www.CaryLevinson.com

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